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We are two guys from completely different countries, Poland and Portugal. Our goal is to spread the true meaning of surf to each and everyone of you. Our logo is the Shaka symbol, which is known as hang loose, and it's mostly a greeting gesture and a cool sign that gives everyone chill vibes

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Filip Nowakowski

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Nikola Grochowska

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Bernardo Ferreira

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Origin of the brand name

The origin of Shaka is uncertain, therefore it's one to every kind of explanation. We can say it started around the 1900s in Hawaii as a way to say aloha. "Hang loose", "Right on", "Thank you", among others, are just few examples of meanings for Shaka. To make the symbol, you just need to curl your three middle fingers while extending your thumb and pinky. If you want to emphasize it, quickly turn your hand back and forth with your knuckles facing outwards. As the goes, this gesture roots back to early 1900s when a man got his hand stuck in a machine, crushing his middle, index and ring fingers (making the Shaka symbol). After the accident, he was given another job as security and, sometimes, to prevent kids for jumping into the trains he would wave at them. Understandably, they thought that was odd and started doing it as well. The term Shaka is not
a Hawaiian word. It's attributed to David Lippy Espinda, a used car pitchman who ended his TV commercials in the 1960s with the gesture and an enthusiastic "Shaka, brah!". In 1976, the Shaka sign was a key element of Frank Fasi's third campaign for mayor of Honolulu. He won that race and used the Shaka icon for 3 more successful mayoral bids, serving six terms in all. In Hawaii, everyone from keiki to kupunsa uses the Shaka
to express friendship, gratitude, goodwill, encouragement and unity. A little wave of the hand spreads
a lot of aloha.

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